10/19/12 – Ski Trip & Big Em!

Erin and I will be traveling to Seton Hall tonight to support Emmy in one of her last soccer games @ Rutgers. Please post to the comments if you would like to attend and want to carpool.

PJ’s Movie Corner – Looking forward to snowboarding season! Erin booked a house for a 908 ski trip @ Mount Snow over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. (Thurs, Jan 17 – Mon, Jan 21). There are about 10 spots left. The cost will be about $200 per person for lodging for the weekend. LIft tickets, food and booze will be additional. We had an unbelievable time last year. Just an FYI., there is an indoor pool and hot tub. Also, the partys go until about 4am each night, rooms are shared, and air mattresses may be needed. It’s going to be awesome!

  • Strength – 5×5 Press (Add 5# from last time)
  • WOD – “Grace” – For Time
    • 30 Clean & Jerks – (135/95) – Use a weight you can finish the workout in under 10 minutes. This should be a fast effort, but technique remains paramount.
  • Accessory – 5×5 Strict Pull Ups
Even when drinking, our main concern is safety. Look at Jim

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