10/25/17: Slowing it down…

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 5 x 3 Tempo Back Squats – 32×0 (3 second descent / 2 second pause / up as fast as possible / immediately into 3 second descent once you reach the top) – Use 75-80% of heavy single from 10/10 or use same weight as 10/19).  Slowing down our squats is not just to make them harder.  It is to help us focus on form and ensure that we are hitting our points of performance on back squats: keeping weight in our heels, keeping our torso upright with a flat back, keeping our knees in line with our toes, and squatting below parallel.  If you are unable to keep technique at today’s weight, drop the weight and make them look pretty!
  • Conditioning – For Time
    • 50-35-20 reps of Wall Balls (Sx = 14#/10# – Rx = 20#/14#)
    • 3x Double Unders (Sx = 2 min / 1 min / :30 DU attemps or 4x Singles)
  • Finisher – 300m Heavy Front Rack Carry
Greg P. setting up for a SDHP and looking good!