10/29/12: Weather Stuff

Here is the deal for Monday.  As of now the 6am/9am and 12pm are all still on.  All of the evening classes, including the kids’ 3:30pm class, are cancelled.  I’ll be waking up early to see how bad things are around 5am.  If it looks terrible, we may even cancel the morning classes.  If nothing happens, we may reinstate tomorrow’s evening classes.  Please continue to check the website and Facebook for updates.  Our main concern is your safety, so please don’t put yourself in harm’s way to make it to the gym, and if we feel it is too dangerous we will close the gym.  Thanks!

Nutrition Challenge – At any point this week you will be allowed to row a 2k to complete the nutrition challenge benchmark workout.  You can also begin to weigh in on Wed, 10/31 and up until Fri, 11/02.  Your last day of recorded points is 10/31.  You MUST email your weight, 2k row time, and total challenge points to [email protected].  Congratulations to everyone who has stuck with this nutritional plan!  Thank you for your hard work!

The week ahead….if it isn’t totally screwed up.

  • Tue – Back Squat + Couplet
  • Wed – AMRAPS
  • Thur – Yhur
  • Fri – Shoulder Press + Couplet

Today – Monday

  • 2k Row – Go Fast! – This is not a warm-up, it should feel like a workout.  Warm up quickly and get going!  If you are pressed for time, row first.
  • Rest exactly 5 minutes and then start the next part on your own.
  • WOD – 3RFT ***This should be a sprint!  Don’t put that kettlebell down!***
    • 20 KB Swings (70#/53#) – This is heavy, so only go eye level if you are trying a heavier weight for the first time
    • 20 High Box Jumps (30″/24″) – Games Standard
  • Accessory – 2 min total – Hollow Hold