11/01/12 – Still No Power

Fundamentals – We will not have class tonight.  We will reconvene next Tuesday, 11/06.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we still do not have power at the gym. The best we can do is offer classes during daylight hours. On Thursday, there will be open gym hours from 9AM – 1 PM and 3PM- 6 PM. The gym is closing promptly at 6PM.

Nutrition challengers: Congratulations, you made it through the month and the hurricane! I’m sure the last few days have been hard, especially with no power. Please weigh in and row your 2k this week, thanks!  Please email all of your results to Tim.

Today’s Workout –

  • Row 2k FAST or…
  • Work on a Goal or…
  • 3Rds For Time – Can be done outside.
    • 400m Run
    • 10 Push Press (135#/95#) – This is heavy.  Scale accordingly
    • 15 Hang Power Cleans (135#/95#)
    • 20 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
  • Finisher – Collect 2 min in a hollow hold in as few sets as possible.
Congratulations to Nicole and Al on their new baby girl, Mackenzie! Nicole, those pull ups are going to be a lot easier now!

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