11/05/12 – Thank You!

Garden State Open – I don’t even know where to start with the thanks that I owe to all of the volunteers, judges, athletes and spectators that made this past Saturday’s competition such an amazing event.  After Sandy, it was looking questionable as to whether we would have a majority of the athletes show up, but fortunately we had 112 athletes compete on Saturday!  The event ran smoothly, and the competitors gave the crowd a great show. Here are the results from the competition.  Congratulations to the following 908 competitors; Lara Natividad (our top female rx competitor), Christina Romagnano, Katie Carroll, Andrew Ripa (our top male rx competitor), Ron Protokowicz, PJ Valenza, Jason Salerno, Joe Passalaqua, Allen Huang, Greg Koleto, Brian Sawyer, Adam Vidal, Bart Zimmermann (winner of the men’s scaled division!), Juan Grana, Glenn Poole, Jim Romagnano, Mike Tardi, and Sidd Misra.  Great job by all our 908 family athletes!  For many of you this was your first competition, and I know how daunting that can be so thank you for showing up, and thank you for giving us your all!  Special thanks to Pat Earley, head judge, and his crew of strict but fair judges.  You guys and gals held the competitors to high standards, and I the feedback has been wonderful.  Thank you to Jason Schroeder for being a phenomenal MC.  Big Jay, Kristy, and the entire Brazen family have become great friends, and we look forward to growing this relationship in the years to come.  Thank you to Heather Hurd for all of her hard work organizing the GSO.  An event of this size is no easy task.  Thank you to my wife, Erin, for being a logistics queen, action plan stickler and tech nerd with the scoring.  You deserve a raise.  Thank you to our volunteers for standing outside in forty degree weather ALL DAY!  It is definitely not a sexy job, but without you, volunteers, this could not be possible.  I think the success of this year will be the driving force behind a bigger and better GSO next year!

Anthony  and Michelle S., two of our own, took some fantastic pictures of the event HERE.


Nutrition Challenge – I realize that last week was not conducive to finishing the challenge, and for that I apologize.  However, we still have to crown a victor!  Please make sure you send me an email with your final weigh in, 2k row time, and total points!  Thank you all for your hard work throughout the challenge.  There were some very impressive scores!  We should have a winner to announce within the next week.

Week Ahead – This next week or so we will be skipping some of the power lifts and treating it like a deload week.  We’ll focus more on conditioning and mobility.  Let us know how you feel about this week after it is done.

Today – If you competed this weekend, come in for some mobility and active recovery

  • Mobility – 1 min on each leg of – (Same for recovery)
    • IT band stretch on boxes
    • Quad stretch on wall
  • Warm Up – 3 Rounds Not For Time
    • 30 Double Unders – No more than 60 sec to complete or attempt
    • 20 Lunges
    • 10 Toes To Bar
  • WOD – 5 Rounds each for time – Rest 2 min between each rounds
    • 200m row – Sprint!
    • 20 Kettlebell Swings (Rx 53#/35# – RX+ 70#/53#)
    • 15 Burpees
  • Accessory – 8 x 10 on / 20 off – Hollow Hold
  • Active Recovery – 5 min row + 5 min jog + 5 min row + 5 min jog