11/14/13 – World Diabetes Day!

Hello All,

Today is World Diabetes Day.  As a Type 1 Diabetic, I would ask that you all join in and support the 80 people per day who are diagnosed with T1D in the US and perform 80-reps of your least favorite exercise.  Right now my goal is to perform 80-15ft rope climbs today.  Yikes!  Please make sure you put your name on the whiteboard and list the exercise you did!  Thank you all for the support.

Tim Carroll

Thursdays are programmed rest days at CrossFit 908.  All that means is that there is no regularly scheduled workout.  You can make up any of the workouts from Mon-Wed or even perform Friday’s workout.  You can also use the classes to ask your coaches for help on a skill.  The day is yours and should be enjoyed!


3 thoughts on “11/14/13 – World Diabetes Day!”

  1. 80 sit-ups in 8 sets of ten
    BTW, my Trial Class was great
    and my first Fundametals was so well done