11/20/12: 2 Garage Games Events

Congrats to the CF 908 team that competed this past weekend in the CrossFit for Sandy event. Our very own Jim R, Brian S, and Bridget B, took 4th overal! You guys rock.

Tonight – free yoga class with Karen Kelly at 7:40pm

1.) World Wide WOD – Gym Resolution – This is a Garage Games Event that will be held at several CF gyms all over the country. The closest gym to us that will be hosting is CrossFit KOA in Cranford. Sounds like a great time for anyone wanting to see what it is like to do a few workouts in one-day. There are RX, scaled and beginner divisions. Check it out!

2.) Main Street Pride – January 26 in Freehold, NJ @ CrossFit ASC – I just signed up to compete! This will be a fun, one-day competition that will prep you for the CrossFit Open that will take place 3-weeks later. Only $60! Give it a shot.

Reminder – The CrossFit 908 Holiday Party is on Saturday, December 8th @ 8pm. Don’t miss what is bound to be an awesome party!

  • Mobility – Focus on Shoulders! – 10 PVC Pass Throughs / 10 PVC OHS / Lacrosse Ball and Band stretches
  • Skill – 15 min to work up to a heavy 3-rep touch and go power snatch
  • WOD – 5RFT
    • 5 Dumbbell Snatch (R) – (Heavy – 70#+/50+#)
    • 5 Dumbbell Snatch (L) – (Heavy – 70#+/50+#)
    • 10 High Box Jumps (30″/24″)
  • Accessory – 60 second Handstand Hold

Congrats to Linda MP on completing the Marine Corps marathon! You are an animal, LMP!

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