11/21/13 – Happy Birthday Coach Jake!

Happy Birthday to the guy with the nicest looking squat in the gym, coach Jake.  Not many people wear a smile on their face every day.  You are a great person and even better coach.  Thanks for always keeping things light when we get a little too serious about this whole competitive exercising thing.  Enjoy your day big boy!


Today is Thursday Yoursday.  Pick a workout you missed, work on a skill, lift something heavy, work on your mobility, or just come in and hang out.  Today is yours to do what you want with it.  Yes, that includes you Brian Sawyer.  You can regular bench today instead of close grip.  Happy Yoursday, Brian.

Reminder – Please register for classes through ZenPlanner prior to showing up at the gym.  We cap classes for safety and equipment purposes.  Please respect class limits.

7 thoughts on “11/21/13 – Happy Birthday Coach Jake!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jake. Enjoy your day and relax! Thanks for your ever-present smile and excellent coaching, and of course, your never-ending patience.