11/25/12: Sunday Update

New Fundamentals starts Tuesday, 11/27 @ 7:30pm.

This week at the 908 we will be maxing out on certain lifts.  Please make sure you prepare yourself to set some PR’s!  Go by how you feel each day.  If you are feeling good, lift heavy, but if you aren’t feeling it, back off, and save it for another day.  Two of the days will have an optional workout after your max lift.  If you max out right, you have done all the working out you need for that day.  Here we go!

  • Mon – Back Squat + Optional WOD – Couplet
  • Tue – Pull Ups + Triplet
  • Wed – Push Press + Couplet
  • Thurs – Make up a max lift if you missed it
  • Fri – Deadlift + Optional WOD – Triplet
  • Sat – Double Unders + Team WOD