12/03/21: Friday

The 908 Holiday party is tomorrow night! We’re so excited to be able to host a party this year! We have a DJ and a bartender, so put on your dancing shoes and get your Ubers lined up! 💃🏼🍸

The party will start @ 8pm at our Berkeley Heights location. We ask that you bring a food or beverage item of your choosing.

Both gyms will be closed on Sunday, 12/5 in observance of National Staff Hangover Day, plus we’ll need all the cleaning help we can get. We truly hope that you will all join us for a night full of fun and friends. Dress to impress!

Today’s Workout

Warm Up

  • 1 min. Row|Ski|Bike
  • 10 Push Up + Groiner w/ T Spine Opener
  • 15 Glute Bridges
  • 20 Lunges
  • :30 Shoulder Taps
  • 10 Curtsy Lunges (Each)
  • 1 min. Row|Ski|Bike


  • 12 Curtsy Lunges (R side – weighted if desired – farmers style)
  • 12 Curtsy Lunges (L side)
  • 12 Weighted Glute Bridges

Conditioning – “Best Chest-ern”
5 Rounds

  • AMRAP 3
    • 400|300 m Row|Ski (crx: 500|400 m) ***2 min. Time Cap***
    • Max Push Ups in the remaining time

5 Sets – :30 On|:15 Off

  • Wall Sit
  • Hollow Hold