12/02/12: Sunday Update

I want to say congratulations to all of the 908ers who came in this past week and pushed their limits!  It’s not about how much you lifted, it’s about progress.  So many of you did an absolutely amazing job this week.  It’s fun to test ourselves.  Our goal is to make you all stronger, faster, and healthier than when you started, and I feel like this past week totally justified our efforts as coaches.  We’ll continue to give you all the best guidance and programming that we can, and you all keep giving us that awesome effort.  Thank you for making our jobs so much fun!

Here is what is in store for you this week:  It is going to be !!!!  Make sure you do the finisher each day.  Core work is your friend, so do it!

  • Mon – Clean Practice + Couplet
  • Tue – Single Arm Press + Chipper
  • Wed – Heavy Sleds! + Team WOD
  • Thurs – Yours of course
  • Fri – Snatch Grip Deadlift + Couplet
  • Sat – Ring Row + Triplet