12/04/12: RX Networking – We're On!

Crossfit908 is officially on RxNetworking.com!

The signup process is very simple so here is what you need to do:

1)   Go to www.rxnetworking.com/signup

2)   Invite Code – 908321

3)   Create a password

4)   Complete all the profile questions

5)   Post a profile picture

This is exciting for our community so now let’s start networking, both inside our box and with boxes all over.

Also, don’t forget to “like” RxNetworking.com on Facebook

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother-in-law, Karen K.!  You continue to amaze me with your strength and commitment!

All The Hype Around Kipping Pull Ups – Tony Gentilcore – This is a great article about the kipping pull up, and why many of us, especially if we are not competing in CrossFit, should focus on building strength and tissue quality through the strict pull up, rather than attempting kipping pull ups.  We, the 908 coaches, have been in the know about the potential danger of kipping pull ups, and that is why we have changed our Fundamentals program to teach only strict pull ups to those who cannot complete 5 unassisted pull ups.  I think we are going to go one-step further and significantly reduce the amount of kipping in our programming.  We will trim reps back and work on the strength of the pull up.  For those of you who compete, it is in your best interest to practice your technique, but there is no need to overtrain the kip.  If you can only do 5 strict pull ups, but 25 kipping, how many kpping pull ups could you do if you increased to 15-20 strict pull ups?  True?  As a coach, I always want to make sure that we are keeping you all healthy.  I think your shoulders will thank us.

Today’s Workout

  • Mobility – Lacrosse ball shoulder and tri cep.  Band stretches.
  • Skill – Tabata Double Unders
  • Strength – 5×5 Single Arm Dumbbell Press
  • WOD – For Time
    • 500m Row
    • 40 Hang Power Clean & Push Press (40#/30# DB’s)
    • 300m Farmers Carry (Same as PP)
      • Note: Any time dumbbells touch the ground inside perform 5 STRICT Push Up-Burpees.  (i.e. there should be what looks like a damn good push up in your burpee)  Any time the dumbbells touch the ground outside, perform 15 jumping squats
Kettlebell Mania

2 thoughts on “12/04/12: RX Networking – We're On!”

  1. #1. Couldn’t agree more with the pull ups

    #2. Programming in the last few months is spot on, feels like there purpose to it or an end goal, not just completely random exercises thrown in at completely random reps for a random amount of time.

    #3. Am I the only person that makes faces like this during a workout? Everyone else looks so relaxed.

  2. This is one of my first times checking out the blog posts here..lots of great info the programming seems to be awesome..and the article on kipping pull ups was great! I wold def need my grips and strength wraps for this workout! Good stuff!