12/19/12: Legs and Abs

Come to Crossfit 908’s last FREE yoga class, Wednesday, December 19th at 7:45 p.m. All are welcome! Please sign in via Zen Planner on the CF 908 site.

**Please note: The Sunday, December 23rd class is cancelled.**

(Yoga classes will resume in January. Watch for upcoming details.)

  • Warm Up – 2 x 10 Hip Bridges / 10 Good Mornings / 20 sec plank
  • Strength – 5 x 2 Deadlift – No more than 3-4 Warm Up Sets.
  • WOD – 10-20-30 Reps For Time Of
    • Heavy Lunge (Farmers carry 2-for-1)
    • Toes To Bar
    • Row For Calories (If all rowers are taken you may go out of order or use the airdyne!)
  • Finisher – 1 min Airdyne For Calories

PJ’s Movie Corner

K Kelly rocking some ring dips

3 thoughts on “12/19/12: Legs and Abs”

  1. Um…. Anyone else’s hamstrings wrecked? I haven’t had sore hamstrings like this in a very long time… and it is only 10 hours after the workout!