12/20/12 – Note to Members

Yoursday is a day where we give you all the option to make up a missed workout, or to simply work on something you want.  What we ask in return is simple and fair in our opinion.

  • Pre-register in ZenPlanner for the class you plan to attend – ALWAYS!  As far as I know, you all have computers and/or smart phones.  Use them!
  • Respect the class times. Thursdays are not a free for all.  Classes still start at the scheduled times.
  • Address the coach – Find out who the coach of the class is and let them know you will be participating in that class.  We have Fundamentals on Thursday nights.  You must be done by 7:30pm.
  • Make yourself small – Pick a couple squares and stay there.  Be conscious of your neighbor.  Think about your set up and how others around you will be able to maneuver.

I wouldn’t say that Yoursday is in jeopardy of going away, but I wouldn’t not say it either. Yup, double negative.

So, without further ado, today is Thursday.  This is a day to work on a goal, skill, or make up a missed workout.

Jillian making OHWLs look easy!

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