12/28/12: Koins For Kenya

908ers, there is a CrossFit initiative to help raise money for the funding of schools in Kenya, a very worthy cause.  Guerrilla Fitness @ CrossFit Morristown is hosting an event on Saturday, January 26th to help suppor the cause.  You can read all about it HERE.  Please consider participating in this event.  If you are interested, please email me to let me know that you are doing it.  We hope to send at least a handful of athletes. Here is a little blurb about CrossFit’s involvement in Kenya thus far. 

CrossFit has been involved in changing lives in rural Kenya for just overa year now. Since Coach Glassman decided to begin the Kenya initiative,there have been four classrooms, two 35,000 liter water tanks, 60 desks anda latrine built across three different villages, affecting about 2,000 schoolchildren total. CrossFit, along with Koins for Kenya, plans to do much, muchmore as a result of the Hope for Kenya WOD date set for Jan 19. To build atwo-room school building in this part of the world, it costs only $14,000 andit can hold up to 140 students at a time. Lasting for up to three generations,this building will, in turn, hold upwards of 21,000 students while its wallsstill stand.
Thank you all for considering this!
Today’s Workout
  • Strength – Bench Press – 3×10 – Build load over the three sets
  • WOD – 12 min AMRAP
    • 6 Push Press (115#/75#) – (Competition rx – 135#/95#)
    • 8 Toes To Bar
    • 10 High Box Jump (30#/24#) – Games Standard
  • Finisher – Immediately following the workout complete 30 Lateral Bar Burpees
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