The title of today’s post spawned from my realization that it’s 2010, a new year, and it’s already 15% over!  How did that happen?  Like most people, I set out to accomplish some big things this year.  I want to receive the NSCA CSCS certification and grow the gym to 100+ members.  However, saying and doing are two completely different things.  I have not even ordered my CSCS materials, and I have not taken any additional steps to market the gym!  As of now we have 33 members with about five people hanging in the balance.  This begs the question, what the H*$l are you doing Tim!?  Well, i have conveniently let other things like preparing for a wedding, running the daily operations of my own business and, oh yeah, living a semi-social life get in the way.  Although, I am not sure that any of those serve as acceptable excuses.  Typically if you want something bad enough, you make it happen.  Well, here are two ways I’m going to promote CrossFit 908.

  1. CrossFit 908 Night Out (Part Deux) – Thursday, March 11 @ 8pm – Delicious Heights – Does this date work?
  2. The Tough Mudder Race – This 7-mile obstacle course takes an estimated 2.5 hours to complete.  You get a discount if you sign up as a team and that way you can help push each other through the torture.  CrossFit 908 is going to have a team at the event.  The first two teammates are Erin and me.  If you are 100% interested in joining the CF 908 team make sure you post to the comments section of the blog.  Let’s get a 20-person team and take over this thing!  Who’s coming with me?  We have to sign up by 02/28 and we’ll get $10 off each person for a team of 11+.

So, that’s what I’m doing for the gym in the short term.  As for the CSCS, I’ve got to suck it up and buy the materials.

Today’s Links –

Vincent and Jenn show how fun Dumbbell Thrusters can be
Vincent and Jenn show how fun Dumbbell Thrusters can be
Tim D shows off his monkey skills
Tim D shows off his monkey skills
Matt and Claudia get some air
Matt and Claudia get some air
The new Saturday warm-up

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Press 3RM – Begin with 2-3 warm up sets of the overhead press and then continue to add weight until you reach a 3-rep max.
  • WOD – Every minute on the minute for a total of 20 minutes complete the following.
    • 20m Shuttle Run
    • 10 Push Ups (If you cannot do 10, scale to 5 or less)
    • 10 Air Squats
  • Finisher – Tabata Plank – 9 rounds 20 sec/10 sec rotating through two arms, left side, right side
  • Stretch
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