01/18/18: Night Out on Saturday @ 8pm

Night Out – Hey All, we will be going out for a good ol’ fashioned 908 night out on Saturday, 01/20 @ 8pm.  Location is King Bennie’s above Nagoya in Berkeley Heights.  We hope to see you all there!

Nutrition Challenge Starts Monday, 01/22 – Be on the lookout for a newsletter today with all the details you need regarding the nutrition challenge.  You can also check yesterday’s blog post for the info.

Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning – 10 Rounds – “Riding Clean”
    • :40 Assault Bike (80%+ effort)
    • :20 Rest
    • :40 5 Hang Power Cleans (Challenge yourself.  Work up to something heavy in the warm up.  Think 60%+ of 1RM Hang Power Clean)
    • :20 Rest
    • :40 Plank
    • :20 Rest
    • Intention – Today’s workout is going to test your movement efficiency in the clean.  Lifting fresh vs. lifting tired are too completely different things.  The goal is to challenge yourself on the hang power cleans.  The more technically sound you are, the higher the % of your max you’ll be able to lift for the duration of the workout.  Don’t dog it on the bike.  Challenge yourself and go into the cleans breathing heavy.
  • Finisher – 4 Sets – 7-10 Strict Chin Ups + 20 Weighted Hip Bridges
Cathy and Noelle – 6am buds