03/05/18: Congrats Challengers

Yesterday marked the last day of our 6-week Nutrition Challenge.  Congrats to everyone who made it through.  We have heard of some great success stories so far and are looking forward to seeing everyone’s results.  Please email [email protected] with your teams total score and final weights.

Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning – 5 Rounds
    • 15/12 Calorie Bike
    • 15/12 Calorie Row
    • 15 Handstand Push Ups (Sx = 15 HRPU)
    • 15 Toes To Bar (Sx = V-Ups OR Leg Raises)
  • Accessory – 3 Rounds each arm – 60ft Single Arm Overhead Carry stopping every 20ft to complete 5 presses

Below is a photo of some of our awesome masters athletes competing in the 2018 CrossFit Open.  Another week down, and another workout behind us that inevitably told us a little bit about our current level of fitness, and hopefully sparked a desire to progress.  These workouts are fun, but they can also be stressful.  Always remember to celebrate your effort, and never let an outcome define you.  Great job and good luck to those who still have to complete 18.2