05/05/11 – Feliz Cinco De Mayo

The New Fundamentals Group meets tonight @ 6:45pm.

PJ’s Movie Corner

Today’s Recipe – Bacon and Dill Sweet Potato Salad – PaleoDish

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Mike C, this one is for you. Thanks again.
That's a 200ft drop behind Erin! It's a bunch of waterfalls leading to the Seven Sacred Pools before it hits the Pacific.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Choose a workout you missed from Mon/Tue/Wed.  Lift something heavy.  Complete a CF Endurance workout.  Work on the thing that you hate!  Maybe you won’t hate it so much anymore.
  • Extra Credit – 50 Toes To Bar before you leave the gym.  As many sets as needed.
  • Stretch