07/16/10 – Gymnastics Gone Globo

Modified Schedule – During the week of 08/02-08/06 CrossFit 908 will have a modified schedule.  Erin and I are going on vacation to the Outer Banks in NC.  Pat will be covering the majority of the classes.  I will post the schedule by the end of next week.  Thanks.

NEW FUNDAMENTALS – The next Fundamentals group will start on Tuesday, July 20th @ 7pm.  The Fundamentals class is an introduction to the fundamental moves of Crossfit which included weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio.  The class will meet for four (4) weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8pm.  Please sign up HERE if you are interested.

PR Central – A big congratulations to everyone who PR’d on their deadlift on Wednesday.  I took a picture of the board because I was so happy.. I think the final count was 16 PR’s.  For those that didn’t set a record, no worries.   We will continue to deadlift and squat at least once every two weeks, so the PR’s will come. Here is a picture of the board from Wednesday.  Good job everyone!

Probably more people deadlifting on this board than at all of lifetime
Probably more people deadlifting on this board than at all of lifetime

Breakfast the other day – 3 Eggs cooked over easy in butter, 3 pieces of ham cooked in bacon fat, cauliflower rice. Yahtzee!

Seriously, this doesn't look good to you?
Seriously, this doesn't look good to you?

Today’s Links –

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • Work on a Goal – 10-15 minutes
  • WOD – NOT for time.  Focus on form.  You can partition the reps anyway you want. This workout is not about finishing fast.  It’s about making every single rep count.
    • 50 Pull Ups
    • 50 Ring Dips
    • 50 Air Squats
    • 50 Reverse Lunges (25 each foot)
    • 50 Burpees
    • 50 Hand Stand Push Ups (Sub push ups off a box or real push ups)
    • 50 Box Jumps
      • This is going to sound a little ridiculous, but have fun with the workout.  Challenge yourself on each exercise.  Try a new pull up or ring dip band.  Try a new box.  Try to kick up into a handstand on the wall and hold it.  Remember, there is no time element.
  • Finisher – Row – 4 x 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
  • Stretch