07/31/10 – Team Saturday WOD

Sorry for the late post.  It took us a little over 9 hours to get down here, arriving around 12:30am.  Have a good week everyone!

Today’s Links

Leaor lunges a full parking spot at a time
Leaor lunges a full parking spot at a time
6am crew
6am crew

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • In teams of 3, complete the following for time:
    • 3,000m Row
    • 225 Push Press (Your team may use no more than two different weights)
    • 150 Knees to Elbow
    • 75 Burpees
        1. Only one C2 Rowing machine per team
        2. A maximum of two separate weights for the push press per team (i.e. One set of Dumbbells and one set of kettlebells)  You can also use a barbell.
        3. There is limited room on the pull up bars
        4. You can do burpees anywhere
      • NOTE: Only one member of each team may work at any one station at a time.  However, if there are 2 or less exercises left to complete, the 3rd teammate may work at the same time as the other two teammates.  If there is only one exercise left to complete, all three teammates can work together.  Some rules that may help you develop your strategy:
  • Stretch it out – If you have anything left, this is your last chance to go for July’s goal.