11/18/10 – Run Row Combo

Just a couple more days of posting the following to ensure that everyone sees it.  Membership Information is posted under the pricing tab.

Christmas Party – Friday, December 3rd @ 7:30pm.  Please sign up on the Whiteboard if you plan on attending.

Fundamentals – We are looking to start a new Fundamentals class during the week at night.  If you know of anyone who interested please have them contact [email protected]

Membership Update – We are moving to an AutoPay system for all members. Here is how this will work.  By January 1, 2011 everyone will be on autopay.  Policies are now listed under the Pricing Tab.

  • Everyone is automatically in the AutoPay system.  Your membership will be automatically renewed the night that it expires.  For some of you this means that we will have to get credit card information on file.
  • Anybody paying by check must start paying with a credit card
  • You are allowed to cancel up until 7 days prior to your auto renew.  Anytime within that 7-day period and you will be charged for the next month.
  • You are allowed to opt out of the AutoPay system. If you would prefer to sign up manually each month membership options will be $20 more expensive per month.
  • There is no long term contract.  This is simply a way for CrossFit 908 to run smoother. As membership increases it becomes extremely difficult to stay on top of all the renewals that need to happen.  This way the payment process is streamlined.
  • Freezing your account.  If you need to put your membership on hold you are more than welcome to do so.  The minimum freeze period is one month.  Going away for a week, a slight muscle pull or just too busy to come are not permissible excuses to extend or freeze your account.    Remember, if you don’t use all of your classes, you lose them. This is our policy.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Today’s Recipe – Homemade Lara Bars – Life as a Plate

Today’s Links –

a little swing session
a little swing session
Brian and John doing good ring dips
Brian and John doing good ring dips

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up
  • Overhead Squat – 10-10-10 (Keep Same Weight Across Sets)
  • WOD – For Time
    • Row 900m / Run 900m
    • Row 600m / Run 600m
    • Row 300m / Run 300m
  • Finisher – Max Push Ups with hand release at the bottom in 2 minutes
  • Stretch

9 thoughts on “11/18/10 – Run Row Combo”

  1. fun WOD today. Team version made it even better (sorry Tim for the two left legs I have – one would think I stopped on the back half and watched the birds). Go do it.

    Just saw “Death by 10m” could be a fun Sat WOD!