09/06/14 – DC Brawlers vs. NY Rhinos

DC Brawlers NY Rhinos

Saturday, September 6 – DC Brawlers vs. NY Rhinos

Come support Tim & the DC Brawlers as they face off the New York Rhinos!

Here are two options for DC Brawler tickets for Saturday, Sept. 6th at the Patriot Center:

A)  Groupon deal while this deal and tickets are still available:  $15 per ticket.   http://www.groupon.com/deals/gl-dc-brawlers (deal expires 8/29)

  • Advantages: cheap.
  • Disadvantages:  Seats are far from floor and not able to choose more than 8 seats together.

B)  Purchase tickets for 10+ with a 20% discount.

  • Advantages: Better viewing.   Ability to pick your sections/seats; can be purchased so that they are all in same area.
  • Disadvantages:  More expensive.  Seats close to the action range from $39.20 (good) to $52.55 (great) with the 10+ discount.

Please sign up with Karen Kelly at Karen@crossfit908 if you are interested in Option B / $52.55 or $39.20 tickets since she is willing to buy them as a group (you can pay her back with cash or check).  Please indicate number of tickets and which price you would like to purchase.  Karen has also put together a list of hotels in the area, click here to view.  We hope to have a lot of 908ers come and support Tim and the rest of the DC Brawlers!

Join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/685599171533007/