10/01/11 – Krazy Karen

Nutrition Challenge – Starts 10/10/11 – Ends Wednesday 11/23/11 – This is a six week challenge.  We will be using the guidelines from the Whole 30.  Go to the site, read about the nutrition plan, and get ready for a great challenge!  Details regarding scoring are soon to come.

Party Update – The Party will remain on October 15 @ 8pm.  It looks like the most amount of people can attend that day, and you know that at CF908 we’re all about a lot of people having a good time.  We can have a big slumber at the gym, and then go cheer on CF 908 on Sunday in the last event of the Nasty Northeast Throwdown.  I appreciate everyone responding with their availability.  Thanks!

Today’s Recipe – Paleo Banana Bread – Elana’s Pantry

Today’s Link –


Hope finishing her sumo with elbows high and outside.
Vicki with a nice set up!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – With a partner complete the following
    • 300 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10ft target)
    • NOTE: While one partner completes wall balls, the other partner runs 300 meters.  When the runner returns, the partners switch.  This continues until the team hits 300 wall balls.
  • Stretch

1 thought on “10/01/11 – Krazy Karen”

  1. Isn’t that a dilemma…starting the nutrition challenge on 10/10 and Then having a 908 party on 10/15? (I quote…” Do not consume alcohol, in any form. “) Sounds like those who are doing the NC won’t be able to fully partake at the party? Sounds like the two are in conflict…