11/04/16: Congrats!

Congratulations are in order to all of our members who completed the Lurong Living Nutrition Challenge!  It was a “long” seven weeks, but you all stuck it out and finished strong.  There were four people who lost a significant amount of weight, and they are, in order, Margie C., Rich G., Heather R., and Marc D..  Eating clean is not always about trying to lose weight, but these four all lost over 5% of their total bodyweight, which is quite an impressive stat.  Margie lost nearly 10% of her total bodyweight, an outstanding achievement.  On the compliance (points) side of the challenge, Charlotte V., Krista G., and Karen K. scored the most points.  It is easy to say you want to do a nutrition challenge, but a whole other beast to actually stick to the guidelines and hold yourself accountable. We are extremely proud of you three ladies and how dedicated you were to this new type of nutrition challenge.  To everyone who stuck it out over the past seven week, congratulations on making better nutritional decisions and creating a healthier you.

Going forward I think we’ll get back to doing partner nutrition challenges.  Our last challenge we did partner style was the most successful challenge we have done in the past 7-years.  It really increased accountability, and we had the most people finish a challenge ever.  If we were to do a challenge in the near future, what kind of challenge would you want to do?  Would anyone be able to commit to a challenge over the Holidays, with the understanding that we would allow for specific “cheat days,” but try to keep you on a better nutritional path than most of us choose to venture down during the month of December?  Let us know in the comments section.

Today’s Workout:

  • Skill – Teams of 2 – Row 2K – Goal is to focus on proper rowing technique and keeping your strokes per minute in the 26-30 range.  Becoming more efficient on the rower will translate into faster times.
  • Conditioning – Teams of 2 – “Pass The Torch” – Alternate each round
    • 5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8-7-6-5
      • Thruster (Sx = 65#/45# – Rx = 95#/65#)
      • Burpees Over The Bar
  • Finisher – Collect a total of 2 minutes in a Hollow Hold
Christine rocking some modified rope climbs
Christine rocking some modified rope climbs