11/07/10 – Sunday Update – Week Ahead

One of our members, Niel, made a great suggestion this past week.  Niel tries to get to the gym as frequently as he can during the week, but sometimes he’s too busy or too tired or just doesn’t feel like working out.  I’m sure this is the case with many of our members.  So in order to help you maximize your results from CF 908, I am going make a post on Sundays with a brief outline of the week ahead.  There are definitely days that I don’t want members to miss and those happen to be workouts where we start with a strength or skill based movement and then follow it up with a 10-15 minute conditioning workout.  There are core lifts that effect the largest muscles in our body like the deadlift and squat.  These lifts are at the foundation of strength and health.  In the past it has been impossible for members to plan ahead to try and make the weightlifting days since the workouts are only posted the night before.  Now, you will be able to see what movements are coming up during the week.  This could backfire and some of you could purposefully skip the lifts, but I think that will only hinder your progress.  Here is what the week looks like.

  • Monday – 11/08 – Deadlift then bodyweight conditioning
  • Tuesday – 11/09 – Push Press then bodyweight conditioning
  • Wednesday – 11/10 – Overhead Squat then weight based conditioning
  • Thursday – 11/11 – Back Squat then cardio conditioning
  • Friday – 11/12 – Weight based conditioning
  • Saturday – 11/13 – Weight based conditioning

This is the first time we are doing this so it could morph into something more down the line.  Post feedback to comments.  I am going to post this schedule tomorrow as well.

Reminder – Bring your food logs in to be signed off!

3 thoughts on “11/07/10 – Sunday Update – Week Ahead”

  1. This is an awesome idea. Good to see what is where so we can try (try being the operative word) to adjust our schedules. Thanks Tim.