Monday – 12/27 – WE ARE CLOSED

This snow is pretty crazy.  We are closing for today.  I’m not sure the driveway at the gym is even plowed.  If you’re upset because you are going to get a good workout, just pick 6-8 driveways on your block and get to shoveling.  Happy Snow Day.

3 thoughts on “Monday – 12/27 – WE ARE CLOSED”

  1. If the shoveling does not work for you, I recommend this : -Men, google and you can find a shakeweight for men!

    After shaking for six minutes, you will have arms like Rick or Erin.

    I also think we should have a new Crossfit uniform.
    I mean, they even have a mock fly and you get a free grey crew neck tee!

    Yes, I have been stranded inside by myself without my fiance or my children. The only entertainment I’ve had is lifetime movie network (Television for women). They have lots of infomercials.

    1. You had way too much time on your hands, Melissa! Of course, my husband wants me to get the pajama jeans. Sheez!