01/05/10 – Day 2 Paleo Challenge – How you doin'?

It is only the second day of the Paleo Challenge, and I know that a lot of you are a bit grumpy and hungry.  Just hang in there, and I promise you that at the end of this month you’ll be excited about the changes you experience physically.  Remember, that we are taking in a lot less carbs than we were before.  If you are feeling extremely hungry after each meal, up the amount of fat you are eating (i.e. Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds).  Also, feel free to eat a larger helping of vegetables.  You’ll be stuffed from trying to eat the amount of broccoli that it takes to equal two slices of bread.

CrossFit 908 Ski Trip – 02/12 – 02/15 – Mont Tremblant, Canada.  If you are interested please post a response to the blog no later than tonight.  We are putting a deposit down for a Condo in the next day or two.  We are planning on driving up that Friday and coming back on that Monday.  Estimated cost per person for lodging is $175 total for three nights.  That does not include Gas / Lift Tickets / Food / Booze.  Remember to post to the comments section if you are interested.  Hope to see everyone there!

December Goals Achieved –

  • Sara – Goal – To get consecutive Double Unders – Completed 10 DU’s in a row
  • Vincent – Goal – To get consecutive Double Unders – Completed 20 DU’s in a row
  • Bridget – Goal – To get 7 push ups in a row –  Surpassed 7 push ups
  • Kate – Goal – To lower times and move faster –  Completed 30 squat in 30 seconds
  • Erin – Goal – To improve her kip – Completed 17 pull ups without coming off the bar
  • Susanna – To get one unassisted pull up –  Completed 2 unassisted pull ups
  • Sean – Goal – To OHS 95lbs for 5 reps – Completed 115lbs OHS for 5 reps

Am I missing anyone on this list?  I know I didn’t complete my goal for the month, and it is because I didn’t create and follow a plan to achieve my goal.  It’s a new month, and a new year for that matter.  It’s time to re-up on the goals.  I think it is time to set some longer term goals.  Let’s put the test date @ 03/31/10.  That gives you and me three solid months to make some serious strides.  Remember, setting up a plan to reach the goal is just as important as reaching it.  Don’t give up.  Set your sights high and hold yourself to high standards.  No cheating.  No cutting reps short.  No cutting range of motion short.  As corny and trite as it sounds, the only person you have something to prove to is yourself.  Group competition is fun and motivating, but competition with yourself will accelerate your results, both physically and on the clock.  Good luck, and start thinking about those GOALS!

Links –

Robb Wolf has a podcast about Paleo

Is CrossFit for Triathletes?

Primal Resources – Blogs, Websites, Books and Movies

Meet Eric and Mike.  They are the 6am crew.  They are also participating in the Paleo Challenge.
Meet Eric and Mike. They are the 6am crew. They are also participating in the Paleo Challenge.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm up
  • Kipping Pull ups – Practice your pull ups!  If you can do unassisted pull ups, do 30.  If you are using a band, complete 20 with a lighter band than you normally use and 20 with your normal band.  If you cannot kip, practice the kip motion on a band.  Do 10 pull ups, but for each pull up do 5 kips.
  • Front Squats –  3 x 3 -Complete three warm ups sets, increasing the weight each time until you are ready to start your 3 work sets.  Make sure you complete a total of 15 reps during your warm up set.
  • Row 1k – This is done for time.  Rest 5 mins between your squats and row.  This is a benchmark row and will be retested after the Paleo Challenge ends.
  • Stretch – Foam Roll

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