01/05/11 – AMRAP Wednesday + CF Hoboken/908 Team Event

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On Saturday, February 19 CrossFit Hoboken is hosting a challenge with CrossFit 908. The challenge is open to all ability levels. The challenge calls for teams of two to compete in 5 events that range from CrossFit to drinking games. Here is a tentative schedule of events. (Non drinkers can compete as well. Water is an acceptable substitute)

Event 1
1 person works at a time, you can switch as often as you want
4 minutes of squats
4 minutes of burpees
4 minutes of situps

Event 2
Relay Race! Men wear weight vests (25lb)
4 rounds
Leap Frog Down and back
Wheel barrow down and back (alternate partners each round)
Partner carry down and back (one partner may do all of the carrying if need be)

Event 3
Stand Off!
All competitors get a bar into an overhead position. Every 10 seconds everybody does an overhead squat. You get points based on when you fail (the last to fail gets 1 point). Women load the bar with 35% of their weight and men load it with 50% of their weight. You may not lower the bar from an over head position or you are done.

Event 4
Round robin flip cup. While playing each team will be responsible for flipping 6 cups alternating which partner flips. To make this event more crossfitty you must complete 5(men)/3(women) pullups between each cup.

Event 5
Tabata beer shots. You will be pouring and drinking your shots over a tray. Every ounce of beer spilled into your tray deducts 1 shot. I will bring a measuring cup.

Ties will be broken with a chug off. You must hold the bottom of a squat while chugging the beer.

The event is supposed to be a friendly competition where all members are welcome. To sign up please email [email protected]. Thanks!

Today’s Links –

Future GL sports' stars.
Future GL sports' stars.
Just some swingers hanging out
Just some swingers hanging out

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – AMRAP 20
    • 5 Ring Rows
    • 10 Push Press (75/45)
    • 15 Reverse Lunges
  • 3 x 15 Knees To Elbows
  • Stretch

9 thoughts on “01/05/11 – AMRAP Wednesday + CF Hoboken/908 Team Event”

  1. Tim, a question for you. If I am interested in incorporating a program like GVT (or even starting strength or 5×5) into my training is that something I could do at 908?

  2. The challenge sounds like fun! Although, there’s no shot I could win in either area (strength or drinking)…I can still participate and hopefully my partner (who has not accepted his fate as being my partner yet) might be able to carry me! 🙂

    1. Hahaha I didn’t notice Jon’s footwear that day or even today looking at the post. But yeah, I doubt Tim photoshopped those boots in 🙂

  3. Finally, someone says something creepier than me (“SARA the stalker” and “foot fetish IAN”). Let’s drink.

  4. Hahaha! How am I the stalker?!!

    And, yes I do recall those boots! He wears whatever is in his truck! I think it’s a form of dedication 🙂 I can’t judge though…I forget things all the time – I had to wear Pat’s shorts recently!