01/12/10 – Hip & Shoulder Prep

Kelly Starrett, founder of San Francisco CrossFit, has some really good advice on warming up the shoulders and hips.  These are just the previews, so if you are interested, sign up for the CrossFit Journal subscription.  I believe it is $25 per year.  It has a ton of phenomenal content.  I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in reading about fitness.  Feel free to use some of these drills when we are warming up.

Links –

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm up
  • WOD warm up – 2X
    • Push ups – 3 Close / 3 Neutral / 3 Wide
    • Pull ups – 3 Close / 3 Neutral / 3 Wide
    • Squats – 3 Close / 3 Neutral / 3 Wide
    • 5 Sit ups
    • 5 Supermans
  • Overhead Squat – 3×3 – (Perform 3 warm up sets)
  • WOD – 3 rounds for total calories/reps
    • Row – 1 minute
    • Dumbbell Squat Clean – 1 minute
    • Rest – 1 minute
  • Stretch / Foam Roll

7 thoughts on “01/12/10 – Hip & Shoulder Prep”

  1. Im a little confused. Is the point of the Blog to show that the zone is an awful diet and Crosfit is flawed?

    1. Not really. Two points.
      1.) There are a million ways to diet and eat. This just happens to be one that is similar to the paleo challenge we are doing this month.
      2.) Shit happens in all businesses. Robb is a well respected expert on nutrition. It is unfortunate that he is not involved with CrossFit anymore.

  2. Thanks. I’ve been hearing some rumors that Burgener might be dropping as well? Not sure why people are starting to disassociate themselves. Possibly because the whole ‘dilution’ argument.

  3. Hey! My Mom DVR’d a segment on LX NY today that gave a shout out to CF – not sure if there’s a way to find it somewhere online, but thought I’d let you know since you seem to be a web wiz 🙂