01/15/10 – CLOSED – @ Home WOD – Run 5k or 4x800m


The weather has warmed, and we have not run in a while.  If possible, map out a 5k, and run it at a challenging pace for yourself. Post your time to blog.  If you do not want to run a 5k, find the nearest track, and run 800 meters (twice around), four times, with a two minute rest in between each 800m.  Post your times for each of the 800m to the blog.  You should try to maintain your pace. Don’t go 100% on the first one, but don’t jog either.  This should be a tough workout.

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Check out the video below.  It outlines the POSE method, a style of running that uses the force of gravity to pull the runner horizontally as he/she leans forward and quickly picks his/her feet off the ground.  The runner lands on the mid-foot with the foot directly underneath his/her center of mass.  Feel free to read about the technique here.

We will have out regularly scheduled 10:30am CrossFit Class tomorrow.  There is NOT a Fundamentals class or Free Class. Eddie San Giacomo from CrossFit Hoboken will be leading the 10:30am class.

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