01/28/12 – Surpriseday


  • Dr. Chris Stepien will be back next Thursday.  There is a sign up sheet outside of the office door.  If you are having any pain issues, he is the man to go see.  $125 for new clients for 45 minutes and $65 for existing clients.  Please sign up in advance.  You can see Chris’s website HERE.
  • CrossFit 908 New Fundamentals starts on Tuesday, January 31 @ 6:45pm.  Sign up HERE.
  • CrossFit 908 Ski Trip – Presidents Weekend @ Mount Snow.  All money due ASAP.
  • CrossFit 908 AC Trip – March 31 @ Trump Plaza.  Rooms are being booked.  Get involved!

Garlic Pork and “Rice” – Chowstalker

Why You May Need To Exercise Less – Chris Kresser


Erik and Nicole showing you that a pull up ends when your chin is above the bar!
Matty J has some hops

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Team WOD –
    • I wish I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.  See you there
  • Pat yourself on the back.
  • Stretch

27 thoughts on “01/28/12 – Surpriseday”

  1. Tim, I read the link above: “Why you may need to exercise less”. Good article. I also clicked on some of the links Chris Kresser has. I particularly liked: “Beyond Paleo…”

    There are a bunch of related links/articles at the end and they provide some thoughtful reading. I would recommend them especially to people already eating or considering eating in a paleo way.