02/20/11 – Sunday Update

Monday, 02/21 Schedule – 6am/12pm/5:15pm/6pm – There are no other classes tomorrow.  There is no Free Class.

I love girls, girls, girls, girls……This week CrossFit 908 gets a taste of the CrossFit Girls’ WODs.  These workouts are at the heart of CrossFit and can act as great benchmarks for progress.  A couple are on the shorter side (how much power can you produce?), while a couple are on the longer side (how much work capacity do you have?).  Either way, they are all fantastic workouts.  We are taking this week off from heavy deadlifts and squats.  If you missed those lifts over the past few weeks, feel free to come in and squat/deadlift prior/post workout.  I am simply going to list the names below.  IF you are curious what each workout is, ask the googles.

  • Monday, 02/21/11 – “Diane”
  • Tuesday, 02/22/11 –  Power Clean + “Annie”
  • Wednesday, 02/23/11 – Split Jerk + “Fran”
  • Thursday, 02/24/11 – “Nancy”
  • Friday, 02/25/11 – “Elizabeth”
  • Saturday, 02/26/11 – “Eva”

I’ve got 99 problems, but a “Girl” ain’t one….