02/22/10 – Monday Deads

Fundamentals – We meet tonight @ 6pm.

We are going to test a number of our Max Efforts this week.  Tentatively it looks like this.

Mon – Deadlift – 3 rep max

Tue – Back Squat – 3 rep max

Wed – Press – 3 rep max

Thur – Pull ups – Max Reps

Fri – 500m row Max Effort

It is okay if you can’t make it one day as we will give people the opportunity to make a couple up at the beginning of next week.  If you can’t make it, plan on next Mon/Tue being a make-up.  We are constantly focused on gaining strength and speed.  We want to be strong, healthy individuals and if a byproduct of our training happens to be a gain in lean body mass and a loss of fat then so be it.  Last week was a great example of how challenging the workouts can be, but it is up to YOU to put your best effort forth, especially if you want results.  See everyone tonight!

Links  –

The ladies of 908 show off their pull ups!  Nice job!
The ladies of 908 show off their pull ups! Nice job!

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Skill of the week – Ropes! – We will go over an intro to climbing the ropes.
  • Deadlift – Work up to a 3-rep max.  Start with light weight and add 10-15lbs each set.  Work up to a set of 3 that is very challenging.  Record this number as we will be testing our Max Efforts on a number of things this week.
  • WOD – 4 rounds for total cals/reps with 1 min rest between rounds
    • Row – 1 min
    • Dumbbell Thrusters – 1 min
    • Box Jumps – 1 min
  • Stretch

4 thoughts on “02/22/10 – Monday Deads”

  1. After reviewing your pictures…I think we are in need of another Crossfit908 bar night! I’m down for a Delicious Heights Part Deux if you guys are! Thoughts?