02/23/11 – Split Jerk + "Fran"

Note To Members Regarding Signing In To Classes – You must sign in to class.  Too many people are not signing in, and it leaves us ill prepared.  HERE is the link to sign in to MindBody.  Here’s the deal.  If you don’t sign up it does NOT preclude you from being able to come to the gym, BUT you run the risk of a trainer not being there.  This applies more to the 6am and 12pm classes since there is typically a trainer at the gym at night.

New Fundamentals – We are starting a new Fundamentals group the week of March 7th.  If you know anybody who is interested please have them email [email protected].  They can purchase a Fundamentals program HERE.

Today’s Recipe – Crab Cakes – Primal Palate (Use the Macadamia Nut Mayo Recipe below)

Today’s Links –

Tiffany showing off some great air squat form
Tiffany showing off some great air squat form
Karen, Ann, Andrew, and Jen enjoying a few v-ups
Karen, Ann, Andrew, and Jen enjoying a few v-ups

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Flexion + External Rotation – Fran Prep – Mobility WOD
  • Split Jerk – 5-4-3-2-1 (Work up to a heavy single.  Form is key)
  • WOD – “Fran” – 21-15-9 reps for time of
    • Thruster (95/65)
    • Pull Ups
  • Repeat Fran Prep

4 thoughts on “02/23/11 – Split Jerk + "Fran"”

  1. Not too many peeps frequent the 6am, but I for one, am exhausted just after watching Tiffany do mobility warm-up. Nice air squat.

  2. @Rick – I saw Macadamia Nut oil (two different brands, I believe) at the Whole Foods in Union/Millburn today…
    @John – thanks…what happened to you for Fran?

  3. I usually hit Fran hard and fast. Sometimes I do cleans and jerks as a warm up before Fran, ie a couple sessions with Cindy. Grace says I’m too quick for finishing in under three minutes. I did Fran at the five pm that day and I’m still hurting. IF you know what I mean.