02/24/12 – End Of The Nutrition Challenge!

Congratulations to all of the people who completed the Nutrition Challenge.  We have had several people complete the challenge with a perfect score!  Make sure you weigh in, and send your weight to [email protected] along with your total points.  For those of you that have completed the challenge, how do you feel?  Share your experience in the comments section.  Thanks for all of the hard work!

NATIRAR! – Paleo Cooking dinner on Sunday night!  Please bring your money to the gym ASAP!  Make checks payable to Heather Hurd or bring cash.


6am boyeez

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 5 RFT – Rest 1 minute between rounds
    • Run 300m
    • 15 Wall Balls (20#14#) – (GC – 20 Wall Balls)
    • 10 Ring Rows (GC – From Box)
  • Accessory – 90 seconds hollow hold
  • Stretch

15 thoughts on “02/24/12 – End Of The Nutrition Challenge!”

  1. +2 – allll doneee

    This week: +8 (through Thursday)
    Aggregated Challenge Total: 78

    Everyone did an awesome job. Tara you can poppppp the champagne (and goose)!

  2. +2 Mother-you-know-what’ers

    Rahul’s fancy total word = 78 (year I was born for all you young kids)

    Congratulations to everyone on a job very well done. So many hot (and more slender:) looking faces around the gym these days. Way to go people.

    Rahul, I’m all over it.

  3. + 2 and 66 for the whole thing.
    down a size
    congrats to all and thanks for all the motivation. Perhaps the topic of conversation at the 6am class wont be food any longer. I already have the vodka chillin’.

  4. Great job nutritious peeps!

    How did the 1st Sectional WOD go??? I was so bummed I had to miss it (dumb work travel)…I hope I get to see some make-up WOD people on Saturday!

  5. Final Total = 68

    My goal is to continue eating like this because I feel really healthy and energized. I might not have lost much but, I truly feel better. Great job to everyone who competed! I look forward to our Sunday night out. CHEERS!!!

  6. Lost 10lbs. Really pumped. I ate some bread, pasta, and drank soda today and I feel like crap. I’m definitely going to continue living primal, well at least 80% of the time. I spent too much $$ on fresh new gear anyway.

    Week 1: 10
    Week 2: 9
    Week 3: 8
    Week 4: 14
    Week 5: 10
    Week 6: 8

  7. +2, +8 for the week.

    Total the for the competition: 72

    Since starting the competition, I’ve lost weight, I have much more energy and less stiffness, my asthma is non-existent.

    I feel great and I’ll be sticking with this from here on out.