03/12/10 – Strength & Sprints – Day 12

SCHEDULE CHANGE – Tomorrow’s FREE Intro Class is at 9:30am, NOT 11:30am.

REMINDER – The new Fundamentals classes start on Monday.  Please sign up by clicking on the link above.

Today’s Links –

Terry, Erin and Suz rowing their little hearts out
Terry, Erin and Suz rowing their little hearts out
Jen and Karen planking
Jen and Karen planking

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • Power Clean – 5×3 – Warm up with 12-15 reps.  If you are having a lot of trouble with the form, keep the weight light or shorten the movement to the Hang Power Clean.
  • Conditioning – 5 rounds for time with 1 min rest
    • 10 Pull ups (Chest to bar if you can do more than 10 unassisted pull ups)
    • 20 Push ups (Chest to deck)
    • 30 Air Squats
  • Finisher – Wall Squats – With your back against the wall and you hip crease below your knee, sit in a squat for a total of 3 minutes while passing a medicine ball from side to side with other members.
  • Stretch

3 thoughts on “03/12/10 – Strength & Sprints – Day 12”

    1. You should love it because it’s your idea! Everyone can thank Steve for this pain trap at the end of tonight’s workout.

    2. yeah good luck with that. did it at 6am it was as much fun as i thought it would be. now let me go find my wheelchair since my legs no longer work