03/25/18: Sunday Update

With the Open officially closing on Monday @ 8pm, we’ll be getting back to our regularly scheduled program.  Many of you have been asking about a more strength biased program, and that’s exactly what you are going to get.  We’ll be focusing on squatting, pressing, and pulling (is there anymore to life than that?).  We’ll also be focusing on bodyweight skills like pull ups, handstand push ups, etc.  Sounds a bit like Crossfit, doesn’t it?  Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

The week ahead:

  • Mon – DB Snatch & Doubles
  • Tue – 3RM Back Squat + Intervals
  • Wed – Row Intervals
  • Thurs – 10 RM Press + Couplet
  • Fri – 3RM Power Clean + Couplet
  • Sat – Intervals
  • Sun – Yoga is cancelled – Open Gym – Use this time to test your maxes for the week if you missed any of the days.