04/03/12 – I be planking…

Saturday, 04/07/12 – Only one class @ 8am due to a Coach’s Course we are holding at the gym all day.

Nutrition Challengers – How is it going?  Has anyone kept a perfect score so far? It has been two weeks and I would love to know if some of you are seeing results so far.

The 2012 CrossFit Northeast Regionals – Friday, 05/24 – Sunday, 05/27 in Canton, MA at Reebok Headquarters.  There will be events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Erin has reserved 5 rooms @ Holiday Inn in Dedham, MA.  There are 4 rooms up for grabs.  Before making a decision, here is what you need to know.

  • Each room is reserved for 4 nights from Thursday night through Monday morning
  • The cost per night (including tax) is about $220 for Fri/Sat nights and $155 for Thurs/Sun nights.  There are two double beds in each room, so you can comfortably fit four, but if you want to make it more economical, you can squeeze some more people.
  • Once you have a room, the room will be transferred from Erin to one person in your group who will act as team captain.  It will be up to that person to make any changes (i.e. canceling Thursday nights reservation and only staying Friday, Saturday, Sunday night).
  • Post to comments if you are coming and for what nights you will be staying.

Paleo Book Review: “Teach Your Kids To Eat Like a Dinosaur” – Robb Wolf

Fight Gone Bad Rowing
SDHP - Nice, Ronald!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – AMRAP 18
    • 10 Pull Ups
    • 20 Double Unders
    • 30 Second Plank
  • Accessory – 3 x 25 Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

23 thoughts on “04/03/12 – I be planking…”

  1. I’m in for all 4 nights since I’ll be done with my student teaching by then!!! Can’t wait to lose my voice again from cheering for ya, Tim!!!!! So excited!!!!! 🙂 I wouldn’t want to spend my Memorial Day Weekend any other way!!!!!

  2. that sounds like a lot of fun…wish i didn’t have to work…will def by following closely!

  3. Is it possible to be in for Saturday night only? I may be able to come up Friday but won’t know for a little bit. If you need a commitment for the full 4 days, can I get floor space for just 2 nights?

  4. I’m also in! Just gotta take off some days after work. I can bring an air mattress for myself or anyone else to use in the room that wants to go for the high person / low cost plan.

  5. I am IN!!! I would most likely plan on going Friday and staying Friday/Saturday and coming home Sunday. Don’t mind crashing on the floor or air mattress or whatever…

  6. Matt and I are in for Fri and Sat night! I can be Team Captain of one of the rooms if there’s a group interested in staying for just 2 nights. Can’t wait!

  7. I’ll be there to support the fam I’ll be there fri and sat night and most likely leave sun afternoon! I can’t wait Tim you’re gonna rock it bro

  8. I am in for Thursday night through Sunday. Can’t wait!

    re: Challenge
    I definitely do not have a perfect score, but I’m feeling great. I haven’t weighed myself at all, but I feel like there must have been a slight change. It hasn’t been too hard to eat well, but the sleep is hard. I get home from the gym so late and I know I should just go right to bed, but then I might as well be back at work…and don’t get me started on the water.

    1. Ohhh… my Thursday night attendance is going to depend on if I can get Friday off from work. It hasn’t been approved yet.

  9. I’m in Thursday evening to Sunday evening for sure, maybe Maria and perhaps Christina if I need to get my own room because of that let me know I will

  10. I’m in for all 4 nights. Go ManJuice. (Ann is in as well…maybe not for all 4 nights though.)

  11. Serg, Ali and I are definitely interested for friday night and saturday night! People could pile in with us if they can deal with Serg’s snoring… 😉

    If we need to make our own arrangements that’s cool too.

  12. Def fri, sat night… want to come for most of friday, but don’t think work will let me 🙁

  13. As Jen said, I’m in. I have a queen size air mattress, three single camping pads (they are old and beat to hell but decently comfortable), and two sleeping bags in case anyone is in need of crashing on someone’s floor. Let me know.

    Re Nutritional Challenge: Its working for sure based on the scale, my pants, and how I feel. But dang the water is brutal. Definitely not a perfect score. And next week is going to be a nightmare as I have a business trip to Europe. There is NO WAY I am drinking that much water before getting on a plane for 7 hours! And 7 hours sleep is out too at least the night I fly over. Gonna try my best once I am there but we are talking about European Beer and Chocolate.

  14. Maria informs me most likely not her so it may just be me and perhaps Christina I’m in until Sunday at the least

  15. I’m in but I can only only come up fri night but I can stay until sun night or if people are leaving Monday? Any one wana carpool?

  16. Im def in! Don’t know if I can do thurs thru Monday though… Depends on if I can get Jeffrey a babysitter for the whole weekend!