04/07/11 – Custom Thursday

Today’s Recipe – Chicken Salad A La Queen – Life As A Plate

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Chas locking it out overhead! Great job Chas!
Ant's looking rather big....She definitely did not say that....ever

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7 thoughts on “04/07/11 – Custom Thursday”

  1. Thanks Tim, don’t let the size fool you. I think the shirt is a small that I made sure Jen shrank for me on purpose.

    But your right, thats never been said….maybe one time, but I think she was already a 12 pack deep.

  2. Tim is ranked 74th in the world right now awesome job man, make sure you show your support and come and cheer these monsters on during the sectionals!

    1. I appreciate all of the support. As 77th in the “world” right now sounds great, it is misleading. There are still about 10,000 guys who need to post their scores! It is crazy how this works. Everyone did awesome last night. I think we all want to attack this workout again and improve, and I definitely think we can. Thank you again to all of the judges for keeping such high standards and making these events possible. See everyone today!

  3. In order to continue to be strict about only putting good into my body and not driving my girlfriend completely insane (apparently putting a peice of chicken in a frying pan with nothing but coconut oil and a side of green beans and eating this every single night isn’t very appealing to everyone… who knew) I just order Primal Blueprint quick and easy meals cookbook from Mark’s daily apple. Anybody use this or have any other recommendations?

    I think I can use some help and variety in my diet anyway. I assume diet is much like working out, even though doing squats and pullups are great movements just like eating grilled chicken and green beans are great foods, you need variety to maximize results.