05/02/12 – Wednesday

Just a few notes… First, if you are coming to regionals and would like space in a hotel room, please make sure you have listed your name under a room on the yellow Easel Pad standing next to the desk.

Second, we are finalizing the order for regionals t-shirts. Most of you have commented on either Facebook or the site a few days ago regarding what size you want, etc. I will let you know how much it is once the order is finalized, probably around $20. The tees will be a bright/light blue with yellow logo & font. The men’s tees will be American Apparel 50/50 crew necks, and the women’s tees will be Next Level V-Neck Burnout (same ones we sell now). If you have not replied yet if you want one (and your size), please do so today in the comments. I will leave a print out of the current order with names and sizes on a clipboard on Tim’s desk, just double check to make sure your name is listed. Don’t worry about giving money in yet, because we don’t know how much they are yet.

Third, save the date for a CrossFit 908 BBQ. Laurie Zimmerman generously offered to hold it at her house in New Providence on Saturday, June 2.

Deadlifts – Which Type is Best For You? – T-Nation

The great thing about warm weather? More driveway sprints!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Skill – Power Clean – 15 minutes to work on form
  • WOD – Every 3 minutes for 4 rounds complete the following
    • 30 seconds max rep front squat (115#/75#) **Choose a weight you can get 10+ reps**
    • 15 shoulder to over head (115#/75#)
  • Immediately following workout complete 30 Toes To Bar for time
  • Stretch

7 thoughts on “05/02/12 – Wednesday”

  1. Not sure if this was already figured out…but do we know how much the room is per person per night?

  2. Four nights is $750 total per room. If you have six people staying all four night it will be $125 per person. Anything different than that and you’ll have to do the math to figure out how much each person owes based on nights stayed.