05/26/11 – Work on a Goal Thursday!

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule –

  • Friday, 05/27 – 6am / 9:30am / 4:30pm / 5:15pm – THE 6PM IS CANCELLED
  • Saturday, 05/28 – Closed
  • Monday, 05/30 – 6AM & 12PM ARE CANCELLED  –4:30PM/5:15PM/6PM/6:45PM/7:30PM FREE CLASS ARE STILL ON

LivingSocial – We have created two 3-day Fundamentals courses.  They are as follows:

  1. Tuesday 05/31 / Wednesday 06/01 / Thursday 06/02 @ 7:30pm (5 Spots Left)
  2. Wednesday, 06/01 / Friday 06/03 / Monday 06/06 @ 7:30pm (10 Spots Left)

Email [email protected] to sign up for the Living Social Fundamentals Course

CrossFit 908 New Fundamentals – 05/31 – 06/23 – Tue/Thurs nights @ 7:30pm.  (5 Spots Left) – Email [email protected].  Click HERE to sign up!

Today’s Recipe – Mushroom, Hazelnut Stuffed Chicken with Sage Pan-Gravy – Health Bent

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Melissa M. from CrossFit Center City in Philly is now a 908 member. Melissa is doing a muscle up modification from a box.
PJ looking pretty good during his cleans. Definitely hitting the hip extension that we are always talking about.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – Options
    • Goal Work
    • Lift Something Heavy
    • Make up a WOD from M/T/W
    • CF Endurance
    • Mobility Work


8 thoughts on “05/26/11 – Work on a Goal Thursday!”

  1. Welcome, Melissa 😉 It’s the nooner that sucked you in, isn’t it?? 🙂 We’re happy to have you! And, to the P to the J, nice work, buddy 🙂

  2. Thanks, Katie. We are getting muscle-ups by the end of the summer – no box assistance!

  3. WOW they cut off the best part of the training montage!!! THE SECOND HALF!!! now I gotta go on youtube…. O well actually home stil with a fever maybe I’ll just pop in the DVD for old times sake…

  4. They say your a hell of a pitcher but your aint much of a dresser, we wear caps and sleeves at this level, understood