07/14/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #18 – Work on a Goal

Niel cannot make the warrior challenge.  He has a registration up for grabs if anyone wants it.  Email me.

Saturday, 07/16 we are closed for the Warrior Challenge.  Come join us! – For people coming to the BBQ I think the easiest thing to bring would be $10 for food and an item of booze.  We already have chicken and ground beef.  We’ll put your money towards some awesome steaks and call it a day.  You can also bring a side instead of $10.  Salads/Veggies/etc.  We’ll be making truffled sweet potato fries as one side.  It’s going to get weird.

Today’s Recipe – Pinwheel Pesto Chicken – Chowstalker

Today’s Links –


Nicole's back from Hawaii. It is too bad she didn't get to spend any time in the sun....
Hand Release Push Ups....Dottie's favorite kind of push up....

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up – Spend a little extra time on your problem areas
  • WOD – Make up one that you missed.  Work on a goal.  Get crazy.
  • Mo’ Mobility – You got a problem? Yo, I’ll solve it.  Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

17 thoughts on “07/14/11 – Nutrition Challenge Day #18 – Work on a Goal”

  1. BTW come down to Avon this Saturday and do the thing! I did this 40lbs heaver my fat butt shows up in the video at the 30 sec mark doing my 3 pull ups. It’s a great time with people you know plus it’s for a great cause and trust me if you can make it through fundamentals you can do this! Plus this is a great kids beach so bring them if that’s the issue. Let’s let them know 908 was in the house!

  2. Food – 0 (2 primal meals plus a cheeseburger, fries and frozen yogurt cheat)
    Sleep – 6 hours – 0
    Supp 1

    Total 1

  3. Food: 3 Primal Meals = +3
    Supp: 2.4 Grams EPA = +1
    Drinks: 1 wine = 0
    Sleep: 9+ hrs = +3
    Total: +7

  4. Wednesday:

    Food: 2 primal (+2), 2 non-primal (-4): total: -2
    Sleep (9 hours!!): +2
    Supplementation: +1
    Drinks: (2 cups coffee, water, 1 beer, 1 glass wine): 0

    Total: +1

    In Texas now with relatives. No one understands eating primal!! Doing my best, but I don’t want to starve….

  5. Funny post today, T-boz!! Sounds like someone’s ready to get this party started…holla!! Dottie just ate pancakes at the Sunny Hunny Pancake house with her momma and poppa…oh, Dottie!! Xoxo

  6. 7/12/11
    Food: 3 primal = +3
    Sleep: +1
    Supplementation: +1
    Total: +5

    Food: 3 primal = +3
    Sleep: +2
    Supplementation: +1
    Total: +6

    Also count me in for the BBQ and a +1