07/22/10 – Gym Education

Fundamentals meets for the second time tonight @ 7pm.

Friday ‘s @ 6pm from July 23 through Sept 3 are cancelled.

Saturday, July 24 9:30am CrossFit class is cancelled.

I recently realized that I have never made it clear how some of the equipment is organized in the gym.  I took a few pictures to help me explain.  Here we go…

Color Coded
Color Coded

The notebook cubby is color coded.  Blue with blue, yellow with yellow, etc.  It is as straightforward as it gets.  It doesn’t matter the shade, if it is green, then it goes with the other green books.


Look at this nightmare
Look at this nightmare

I’ve tried my best to label the jump ropes and here is an explanation of how you know which is which.  They are hung up from shortest to longest going from left to right on the pull up bar.

  1. Shortest – Black handles with white tape
  2. Medium – Black handles NO tape
  3. Long – Orange and Yellow Handles
  4. Longest – The “different” jump ropes on the far right.  They are heavier and have thicker ropes.  They vary in color but they are the longest.


6 / 8 / 10 / 14 / 20 Top to Bottom
6 / 8 / 10 / 14 / 20 Top to Bottom

The medicine balls are stored according to weight.  The lightest, 6lbs, on the top and the heaviest, 20lbs, on the bottom.  They go in ascending order from top to bottom – 6/8/10/14/20.  ALSO – The assistance bands want to stay with each other.  Keep the same colors together.

It’s all pretty easy.  Just remember to put your implement back where you found it, and if you found it in the wrong place please help me to find its home.

ADDED BONUS – To make this interesting and in the spirit of fitness, if you put something away in the wrong spot and I catch you, everybody in the class will do five burpees.  I figure we workout together and drink together so we might as well pay for our sins together.  Who is going to be the first one?  Probably someone who is not reading my site on a daily basis.  You will soon be discovered.  Love, Tim.

Today’s Links –

Check out this cool CrossFit Adidas commercial – It was for the 2010 CrossFit Games and features Chris Spealer who placed 3rd in the mens division and Heather Bergeron who placed 8th.

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Burgener Warm Up
  • 2 x 10 of the following – Hip Extensions / Sit Ups / Push Ups / Mountain Climbers
  • WOD – Complete 21-15-9 reps of each of the following for time
    • Deadlift (40-60% of your 1RM)
    • Ring Dip
    • Pull Up (Chest to bar if possible)
  • Planks – 2 minutes front + 1 minute on each side
  • Stretch

16 thoughts on “07/22/10 – Gym Education”

  1. Katie M. Carroll

    I have to say that I never did notice that the notebooks are kept with their color-coded family…lol!!! I did notice that there are different color notebooks, but I never asked what the difference was…and, I may have placed my notebook with the wrong notebook family, once or twice…heehee!!! Never to happen again, coach 🙂 I love you dearly, my brother!!!

  2. Did you leave out that kettle bells should be placed according to size? Or did I make that rule up? PS: That commercial is pretty cool…makes me want to buy some adidas…why am I such a sucker?!

  3. Oh, one more thing! (I really do need to go to “commenting rehab,” like Don Gilbert so astutely pointed out)…But, since that post by John was all about books we all should read, I wanted to add a book to the list called, “The Blue Zones” by Dan Buettner…it’s about these 6 populations that live a lot longer than most of the populations around the world (they’re all over the place, so at first glance, it’s difficult to pin point why these specific locations outlive the rest of us). I actually haven’t read it yet (it’s in my pile of books I want to read next to my bed), but my Mom just read it and said that the author kinda links the reasons for why these random people are extra healthy and she thinks Crossfit fits really well with the author’s conclusions (like the healthy lifestyle and surrounding yourself with supportive people, etc.)…so, I’ve been meaning to tell you (Tim) about this book, but figured since you posted that piece about books, this would be a good opportunity to share it with everyone in case anyone’s looking for a quick/healthy read 🙂 If anyone ends up reading it before me, let me know if it’s as good as my Mom says! She read it in 2 days, so it sounds like it should be a good one.

  4. Sara, is that a PR for longest comment, longest run on sentence, or both?

    Speaking of books, I am finishing up “The Omnivores Dilema”. It has been referenced in many of the blogs that Tim links to. If you have any doubt or hesitation about the type of food (especially meat) that you should eat then this book will make your choices easy.

  5. Hahaha….I think it’s def a PR for both…I feel pretty good about it. I think I’m going to document it in my journal later 🙂

  6. Pollan’s other book, In Defense of Food, is also great. Its a bit shorter and less dense than the Omnivore’s Dilemma and covers a lot of the same points.

    Tim, we should have Crossfit 908 movie nights. You have that big white wall, and I’m sure one of our affluent young professional gentlemen have a projector. We can start with Food Inc.

  7. Sara!!! You have three comments out of 11 on this board. As your sponser…I’m not mad…just disappointed!
    Erin Kelly…stop being an enabler.
    Steve…next time I see you at Parker House…don’t be dressed like TJ Lavin hosting a RW/RR challenge…noted.
    Hi Doug
    I’m watching you all.


    1. i dont know what that means, nor do i remember seeing anyone there, so i have no clue who you are. all i know is that you are comfortable using obscure references to television shows targeting high school kids… so comfortable, in fact, that you can casually abbreviate the show’s name and assume that everyone will know exactly what you’re talking about.
      I’d guess that you’re Firas, but the fact that you saw me at Parker House means you were out in Spring Lake in early June, and I’m pretty sure he and Giuls were still on their honeymoon at that point… if not, I doubt they’d be at the Parker House anyway.
      The “i’mnotamember.com” kind of rules out a lot of people, leaving only two people that I can think of who I would 1. know through my connection to CF908 and 2. are not technically members. I’m gonna go with Dave Bell, simply bc Brendan Russ is in New England, to my knowledge, and not in Southern NJ.

      How’d I do?

  8. Umm…I probably would’ve just looked at the name above the comment. Inspector Clouseau you are not sir. That’s from the “Pink Panther”.
    Hope the shoulder is better.