08/17/11 – "Isabel"

31 Heroes WOD Register Now – On September 3, 2011 CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 5, 2011 with a workout in an effort to raise funds for the families affected by this tragedy. All funds received will go to these families through the Navy SEAL Foundation.  We will be hosting this event.  Please post your desire to participate to the comments section.  Thanks!

Today’s Recipe – Portabella Sandwich Stack With Sweet Potato Chips – Multiply Delicious

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Sharon hitting an OHS
Michelle looking good in the sun. Get lower Michelle!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Form Practice – Snatch/Power Snatch/OHS
  • WOD – “Isabel” – For Time
    • 30 Snatches (135/95)
  • Finisher – Start with 10 Hand Release Push Ups, Rest 10 seconds, Repeat Hand Release push ups resting 10 seconds after each set of 10.  Continue until you fail to more than 3 in a row.  i.e. 10 HRP, 10 sec rest, 8HRP, 10 sec rest, 6HRP, 10 sec rest, 5HRP, 10 sec rest, 4HRP, 10 sec rest, 2HRP Fail.  Your goal is to get 10 in a row, once you start declining, continue to take your 10 second rest, and then go for as many in a row as you can.  Once you fall under 3 in a row, you are done.
  • Stretch

9 thoughts on “08/17/11 – "Isabel"”

  1. Is anyone else finding it difficult to move around this morning??? Never has a birthday “party” been so painful!! That good pain, of course 😉 haha!!

  2. P.S. I’m in for Sept 3rd if I’m not working…hopefully will find out my new schedule next week 😉

  3. I’m interested in the 31 Heroes but would need more info before committing. I have another event that day & I’m not sure if I can make it to both. Let me know when you have more details. Thanks!