08/26/11 – Farmer's Friday

New Fundamentals – 08/30 – 9/22 Tuesday/Thursday Nights @ 6:45pm.  – Sign Up Here.

Nasty Northeast Throwdown – Sign Up HerePENDING WEATHER

The Nasty Northeast Throw down is a competition designed to support the integrity of what CrossFit really is: a no-frills community of athletes based on strength, speed, agility, and endurance.  Challenge is what drives us to compete every day –against ourselves, the clock, and any worthy adversary.  Why not represent your skills with other like-minded athletes over a succession of 8 weeks? What we’re creating here is simple: show up and workout — something you’re already doing, taken to the next level.  All we ask is that you get down, get nasty, and get CrossFit.

The Nasty Northeast Throw down will take place every other week over 8 weeks (4 competitions total). Each week is not mandatory, however, teams will lose points based on missed weeks. WODs are based on a point system and are announced on-location. Competitions will take place across four different locations, each location TBA one week before. Teams will consist of 4 people and there is no limit of teams from each box.   The cost per team is $200.

31 Heroes WOD – Sign Up Here – @ CrossFit 908 on Saturday, September 3 @ 9am.

On September 3, 2011 CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 with a workout in an effort to raise funds for the families affected by this tragedy. All funds received will go to these families through the Navy SEAL Foundation, other like-organizations, & individual family funds.


Today’s Recipe – Brown Butter Hanger Steak – Primal Palate

Today’s Link

Look at the two pictures below. Both Matt and Jason are in the middle of ‘Isabel,” 30 snatches for time.  Notice the difference in form.  On both of them the bar is at similar height.  Look at arms, hips, and knees.  Why might one be better than the other?  Just something for members to think about and post comments if you have any. Critique is good, judging is bad.  Don’t be that person.


Matt M. doing a Power Snatch
Jason M. doing a Power Snatch

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 3 RFT
    • 300m Farmer’s Carry (100+/50+)
    • 40 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
  • Finisher – 2 min max Burpees
  • Stretch

5 thoughts on “08/26/11 – Farmer's Friday”

  1. Jason’s hands are wider with little arm bend and full hip extension but Matt make Leonidas look weak and he makes wine so no judging just saying; besides I suck at those things!

    New Crossfit lesson learned today, do not dead lift than row….It’s bad

  2. Just an FYI… My girlfriend and I will be at her mothers this weekend since we dont think its a good idea to be on the beach during the hurricane. So if for some crazy reason the Nasty Northeast doesnt get cancelled this Sunday, I will not be there.