10/11/11 – Tuesday Squats – NC Day #2

Nutrition Challenge – Post your Monday score today to the comments section.  I hope we are off to a good start!   If you weighed in but didn’t give it to me, please send it to me in an email.

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar – How many people would definitely be interested in doing a one day workshop at the gym?It would be on a Sunday, probably sometime in November.  The cost would be around $180 per person.  Wilkes Weightlifting would be hosting the seminar.  We need a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 24, so space is limited.  Please post your thoughts to the comments section.

CrossFit 908 2yr Birthday Party – Saturday, October 15 @ 8pm.  If you are planning on attending and bringing something, please post to the comments section.  Food is probably the thing we need most.  Booze is also encouraged if food is too much of a hassle.  There will be a plethora of alcohol, but if you want something really unique feel free to bring it.

Today’s Recipe – Rosemary Apple Butter Pork Loin – Chowstalker

Today’s Link –

Some pictures from this past Sunday’s Nasty Northeast Throwdown @ CrossFit ACT in Saddle Brook.

Christina R rocking out on Jumping Air Squats
Jim R PRing on his Clean and Jerk
Maggie during the L-Hold. She killed it!
Pat on his way to 14 muscle ups in 1 minute!
Matt M showing off his guns during the L-Hold
Ron crushing chest to bar pull ups!
Rick looking like a beast on his muscle ups
285 Clean & Jerk, NBD just a PR 🙂 Sorry Tim, had to put a pic up of you! ~Erin

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Back Squat – 5-4-3-2-1 – Attempt a new 1RM
  • WOD – 5 RFT
    • 15 V-Ups
    • 10 Burpees
  • Accessory – 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch

70 thoughts on “10/11/11 – Tuesday Squats – NC Day #2”

  1. I was thinking the same thing Patrick!

    +2 nutrition challenge

    I’m making sausage, peppers and onions for Saturday.

  2. +1 today. Totally clean, totally primal. I will be bringing something primal on Saturday… not sure what yet.

  3. Amazing pics of everyone!!! I’m so proud of all of you!! 🙂 Reppin 9-0-8!! HOLLA!!

    The sorority house will be bringing the following: dish appropriate for the nutrition challengers, massive veggie platter, and alcohol

    Can’t wait for Club 908 and the dance offs that are about to be broughten!!! LOL!!!!!

  4. +1. Is it possible to have +2 points in a day? I thought if you eat clean all day you get (1) point? I’m confused

  5. Awesome pics! Everyone looks great.

    +1 for me.

    I’m making French Macarons & something else. Not sure what that is just yet.

  6. Great pictures! Wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on!
    +1 for 10/10.
    I will be bringing something paleo and some baked goods to the party.

    1. Quick Snacks –
      Beef Jerky
      Raw Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Macadamia Nuts
      Apple with Almond Butter
      Good Quality Deli Meat (Boar’s head / Applegate Farms)

      Coffee / Tea
      Milk is still okay right now

  7. We have 30 people doing the Nutrition Challenge. Make sure you are all posting each day. No grains and legumes this week. We’re all in this together. Be accountable and help each other.

  8. ok how about some new mural ideas….here we go:

    picture this…a lightning bolt flashes, and on top of a mountain we find Tim as half man half horse, luscious mane of chest hair above a 12 pack holding Leroy Brown effortlessly overhead…Erin is riding atop of Tim cloaked in an all white flowing gown and Pat the satyr, their half man half goat loyal companion stands at their side looking equally ripped holding a jug a fresh gluten free wine made from berries foraged on their travels and crushed with his bare hands.

    …just a thought

  9. Definitely interested in the lifting seminar!

    I’m going to bring some (paleo) cookies, and my friend Jack Daniels.

  10. Interested in lifting seminar.

    +1 for yesterday

    Great job to all of you guys on Sunday! Tim and Pat both individually won their skills events (Clean & Jerk for Tim, Sprints & Muscle ups for Pat). Tim’s team of himself, Ron, Rick, and Matt took 2nd overall and Pat’s team of himself, Jim, Christina, and Maggie took 8th! Reppin 908!

    And I’m working on getting a picture up of Tim on today’s post 🙂

  11. +1

    On Saturday I’ll bring chili and/or deviled eggs

    Awesome pics, and I can’t wait to see the new mural as per the suggestion above!!

  12. I’d be up for the seminar
    I’ll ask my brother if he has time to come up with something for a graphic

  13. Clarifications for Nutrition Challenge –
    1.) The most amount of points you can have in one day is +1 and that is for eating 100% within the guidelines of the challenge
    2.) Anytime your food choice/beverage choice falls outside of the guidelines you receive a -1. Therefore if you eat three meals in a day and they all do not qualify as clean meals, you will receive -3 points for that day. You are allowed a total of 12 cheats. If you have 2 cleans meals and 1 cheat meal you still receive a -1 for the day. So your daily range is -12 to +1. Don’t cheat 12 times in a day. The challenge is 43 days long ending on Wednesday, Nov 23. Therefore to be eligible to win you must have at a minimum + 31 points. (43 – 12 = 31)
    3.) Balsamic Vinegar is acceptable
    4.) Flavored coffee is fine as long as it is the bean that is flavored and not some added sugar crap
    5.) Nuts should be consumed in the raw form. I am not overly concerned if they are salted, unless you are eating a bag a day in which case you can expect to gain some weight.
    6.) Butter and Heavy Cream (not half & half) are allowed through the duration of the challenge.

  14. +1

    Not sure what we are bringing yet but it will be some food item and alcohol. Possibly meatballs.

  15. The only reason I’m not doing the nutritional challenge because I already eat that way (sans dairy, though). 🙂
    I will definitely bring something paleo to the partay.

  16. What about dried fruit? Cranberries in particular? They taste too good to be allowed. My “snack” of pumpkin seeds is just not doing it for me…

    Victoria–where do you get coconut chips? I searched whole foods!

    1. I got them originally at a health food store in Pa that I go to sometimes, but then I actually bought a whole case on Amazon! I just looked and you can get just a bag too. This is the product I’m talking about: http://www.amazon.com/Lets-Do-Organic-Coconut-Flakes/dp/B005AYLI5C/ref=sr_1_9?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1318379054&sr=1-9

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find them in a normal supermarket too- in the health foods area… (Sorry, they’re ‘flakes’ not chips, but they’re good!)

  17. Awesome pix guys! Maureen – I searched for the coconut chips too – finally found them in my veggie market in the bulk section. So many that I found had added sugar. Good luck to all with the challenge :0)

  18. Victoria/Kristen– Thanks!
    Torrey- I saw those “Just Fruit” things and yes, too expensive. However, I saw two types of dried cranberries–ones that had sugar in the ingredients and one that was “apple juice infused”. Is there a significant difference?

  19. Yeah, I’m sorry to say that, whether it’s “lightly sugar-sweetened” or “apple juice infused,” it’s still a crap-ton of sugar. 🙁
    (Seriously, I just looked up the nutritional values for the Eden Foods brand that are “apple juice infused,” and they’ve got 26 grams of sugar per serving! Wowzers. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, kiddo!)