11/05/10 – Power Friday + A Weekend Dessert Recipe

Today’s Recipe – For those of you that need a small fix – This kind of food should be eaten sparingly given the sugar content.  If you were to eat this everyday it would clearly be a better choice than eating McDonald’s, but it would hinder your leaning out progress.  Keep the Paleo/Primalesque desserts to a once per week event.

Today is day 5 of the Primal challenge.  How are things going so far?  Many of you have mentioned that you feel tired, which is typical of anyone who switches to a lower carb / lower sugar diet.  That will go away soon.  Please post some thoughts to the comments section.  Also, make sure you bring in your food log so I can sign off on it.

Today’s Links –

I mean, it doesn't not look like fun
I mean, it doesn't not look like fun
Peter & Raquel just chillin'
Peter & Raquel just chillin'

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up + Mobility WOD
  • Front Squat – 5-5-5- (Keep same weight across all sets)
  • Conditioning – You have 5 minutes to complete the following circuit for time.  Anytime left between when you finish and the 5 minute mark will be your designated rest.  You will complete 5 rounds, each for time.  Therefore you will start the circuit @ the 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minute mark.
    • 5 Power Snatch
    • 10 Burpees
    • 300m run / row (if It is raining we will row, if not, RUN)
  • Finisher – Max Wall Balls in one set (Must go over the 10ft mark)
  • Stretch

7 thoughts on “11/05/10 – Power Friday + A Weekend Dessert Recipe”

  1. The diet has been great so far, especially in the morning. For me, breakfast has been the best meal of the day when considering this diet. I find myself hungry after dinner which is typically eaten between 7 and 8pm. For the rest of the night I find myself very hungry. Any tips??

  2. PJ, do you have any of that yummy, delicious Almond butter? Even though it tastes like you’re eating bugs…it helps with the night hunger for me. Or I chop up some avocado and eat that. Something to get some fat in me.

  3. What do you mean eating bugs?? I’ve never experienced that with my almond butter – I forget the brand (Suz might know it off the top of her head if you see her), but I have been having 1 or 2 spoonfuls after dinner as a “dessert” because it’s so delicious and it seems to tied me over til the morning. I also put it on celery sticks and it’s super yummy and filling 🙂

    Do you have any snacks during the day? I always have nuts and fruit on hand at my desk, and I think munching in small quantities all day kinda helps tied me over so that I’m never too hungry at any point in the day. Maybe you should have a bigger portion at dinner? Like add more veggies or something? Or maybe you could try eating a few nuts or other protein snack after you work out (because you’re prob really hungry after that) and then push back eating dinner til a little later.

    I think the diet is going pretty well too – I’m a little nervous about the weekend! We’ll see how that shakes out! It definitely helps having a whole bunch of people doing it too! I’m hoping this will get me into good habits so that I can continue to eat this way (at least for the most part) for the long-term future.

  4. I agree with Melissa and Sara. You should try adding some extra fat into your dinner, or have some almond butter / nuts and fruit as a dessert. I think by this time next week you will be over those hunger pangs. Keep up the good work everyone. 5 days strong!

  5. Sara, I have the Mara natha or something along those lines. It is blah…as my daughter would say. Moreso the texture than anything else. I love peanut butter, so maybe I was expecting it to be that texture? Who knows.

    PJ, I know I’m not as hungry as I used to be when I first started doing this….

  6. Thanks everyone for the messages. I’m sure the hunger at night will subside sooner or later. I’m used to snacking at night, which is the reason why I’m so hungry after dinner time. This diet is a good way to rid me of the snacking habits in general. See you guys at 4:30 today.