11/09/09 – Strength / WOD


  • MINDBODY – Please sign up for MINDBODY by clicking on the link above.  Going forward all members will purchase memberships, and sign in to classes through this software.  It is important to use this system as it will keep track of how many classes each member has attended/has left.  Please sign up before the end of the week.
  • Class structure – On days where the workouts are shorter or lighter, we will practice weightlifting.  Learning the slow lifts like the Deadlift, Press and Squat and the olympic lifts like the Clean and Snatch are an important part of training and fitness.
Saturday's Birthday Bash
Saturday's Birthday Bash

CrossFit WOD

  • Power Clean – 3-3-3-3
  • “Karen” – 150 Wall Balls for time:

Post weights and time to comments.

Look at the video below.  Notice the stance, grip and bar path.  The bar travels in a straight line up the body.  The arms are not pulling the bar, but rather pulling the body underneath the rising bar.

Fundamentals meets @ 6:00PM tonight.  We will be going over the Presses.

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  1. I don’t think they had that fancy technology when I was at JMU…or maybe they just didn’t use it for the swim team…