11/09/10 – Christmas Party Feedback Wanted!


Someone took a Nalgene bottle home that was not theirs.  There is one in the office now.  Please return the other one.  Thank you.

Pat, Rick and Jen will be competing this weekend at a CrossFit event.  The event is on Saturday, 11/13 @ 9:30am and will be held at CrossFit OTG.  Erin and I are planning on attending to support our athletes!  If anyone wants to join please post to the comments section.

On a side note, Monday was the busiest day at CrossFit 908 since we opened.  Check out the picture below of all who showed up!  Thank you to everyone for being such great members!

Busy days are great!
Busy days are great!

2nd Annual CrossFit 908 Christmas Party – We need feedback for dates!  Here are the suggestions

  • Friday, December 3rd
  • Saturday, December 4th
  • Friday, December 10th
  • Saturday, December 11

Please please please post to the comments section your top two dates!

Bring in Your Food Logs so I can sign off on them!  – Mandatory For The Challenge

Today’s Links –

Today’s Recipe – Cocoa and Coconut Snacks – Mark’s Daily Apple (For when you need a quick dessert fix.  These are amazing. Eat sparingly)

Mike and Chris mid cleans
Mike and Chris mid cleans
Claudia, Jon and Niel doing some pull ups
Claudia, Jon and Niel doing some pull ups

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm Up / Mobility WOD – Un-impinge yourself
  • Push Press – 5-5-5 (Same Weight Across Sets)
  • WOD – For Total Reps
    • 10 minute cap – Row 1k then immediately complete Max Burpees
    • 3 minute rest
    • 5 minute cap – Row 500m then immediately complete Max Double Unders
  • 3 x 20 GHD Sit Ups – Don’t leave without doing them!
  • Stretch

12 thoughts on “11/09/10 – Christmas Party Feedback Wanted!”

  1. xmas party

    Saturday December 4
    Saturday December 11

    Good Luck on Saturday!! i wont be able to attend 🙁

    Is it possible to have a noon class on Tuesdays?

  2. Good luck Pat, Rick and Jen!!!

    Dec 3 and 4 are best for me, but I’m sure I’ll be able to come no matter when it is 🙂

  3. 1) Good luck Pat, Rick, and Jen – won’t be able to make it but will be thinking of you guys for sure (I am off to flashover training next weekend! HOT!!!)

    2) Tim – great turnout yesterday – VERY sorry I wasn’t on that board – I sat at my desk all day and Kyphosisized (!!!) over the computer… I am more sore from that today (hammies and calves) than some days after a WOD! We really beat ourselves up day to day.

    3) How has the 9:30 Friday class been? Would there be any consideration to adding more of those? the “drop off the kids and hit the gym” crowd might be quite into it.

    See you (hopefully) at the 4:30

  4. totally forgot… Happy B-Day Lara!

    Sip Bacardi like it’s yo Birfday. You know we don’t give a f#*k ’cause it’s YO BIRFDAY! (just to finish Erin’s thought)

  5. I also think pictures of the board should be a daily thing….let’s everyone know where they stood against other athletes…just adds to the competitive nature of crossfit.

    1. Here’s a good idea. For those interested in being competitive with scores, times, etc. you can post your scores to this comments section of the website. We used to do that at CrossFit Hoboken as a way of keeping track of our scores. You all have the notebooks, but if you want to create a small scoreboard, we can start posting scores to this blog. Two stipulations. 1.) You cannot post your score if you know your range of motion was not sufficient. 2.) No malicious posts.

  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes and singing 🙂

    Good luck on Saturday Pat, Rick, and Jen!!! 🙂

    Second weekend in December pretty please 🙂